Who we are

Established as a continuation of Bahía Industrial at the Port of Santa María in the province of Cadiz, SPAIN.

The principal aim of the company back then was to manufacture a product designed by the industrial engineer José María Rodríguez Sanz. The product consisted of a standard sized container to transport goods by road, rail and sea, but with a one-of-a-kind structure and specific purpose. The container to be manufactured was specifically designed to transport bitumen for asphalt and other industrial uses thanks to its two combustion chambers to ensure it can be shipped under cold temperatures and later liquefied for its subsequent emptying. This is carried out via burners which are adequately designed and regulated for this purpose.

The product was and continues to be the most practical and efficient of its kind for transporting bitumen for asphalt.

The manufacturing process began in Cadiz and later moved to Zaragoza where more advanced resources and larger space were available, plus a specialised and highly qualified team of experts at hand in the factory.

PORTUENSE DE CONTENEDORES, along with the companies CARVISA and MULTITANK, make up the brand EUROCONTAINER. These three companies jointly manufacture all varieties of containers, swap bodies and tanks using the highest quality components from the international market in order to facilitate the transport of all types of goods including hazardous substances and food.